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Leveraging Our Combined Expertise
And Broadening Our Depths of Knowledge

Our members contribute to the group, with their time and expertise

To cultivate and grow the ASFG, it is important that members feel connected, welcome, and supported. It is important that each member be willing to give to the group so that all may benefit.

Since we are from all parts of the country, a private LinkedIn Group has been established to facilitate communication about various topics or questions our members may have. Allowing ongoing dialogue and idea sharing is critical to our members finding value in the ASFG.

We also believe gathering in person is critical to the success of the ASFG. Twice a year, typically in June and in January, the group meets in person for a lively educational meeting, time to manage the business items of the group, and time to learn more about each other. See an agenda from a previous meeting below.

Group members alternate planning these meetings to make them worthwhile as a travel and time commitment is made. Group members with commonalities or geographical proximity may choose to connect more frequently during the year, and this is encouraged! Having trusted peers to support you across the country is important and valuable.

See A Recent Meeting Agenda